Friday, August 30, 2013

Columbia Waterfront Community Gardens Tour & 5th Annual CW Fall Festival - September 14

On Saturday, September 14 from 12:00-1:30 pm, all of the community gardens in the Columbia Waterfront District will be part of a walking tour.  The Urban Meadow is very excited to participate in a joint event with the other beautiful gardens in the neighborhood, each with its own unique history and features. The guided tour will begin at the Human Compass Garden on the corner of Columbia Street and Sackett Streets and will make a stop at each of these gardens along the way: the Amazing Garden, Summit Street Garden, Pirate's Cove Garden, the Backyard Garden, the Urban Meadow and then will end at the South Brooklyn Children's Garden.  At each garden there will be current members to give a presentation about that garden, answer questions about what is going on in the garden and how to get involved.  Come see what we're growing!

The tour is happening on the same day as the 5th Annual Columbia Waterfront Fall Festival, a fun annual event celebrating our vibrant neighborhood and featuring food, local arts and businesses selling their wares, and live music.  The Festival will be on September 14 from 12 pm-6 pm along Columbia Street from DeGraw to Union Street and then along Union from Columbia to Hicks Street. See for more information about the festival.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

As the first-ever British Vocal Jazz Festival came to an end last night, we would like to thank everyone who supported this new venture - audience members, featured artists, musicians, the venue management and all the staff at Le Monde, and all those involved in making it such a success.

A new programme of top-quality concerts - under the branding Live at Le Monde - will be launched shortly and we'd like to keep you updated - so please visit the Facebook page and click on "Like" to be amongst the first to know what's happening at Le Monde.

With all good wishes

Todd Gordon
Audacious Music Ltd

Billy Lowe
Live at Le Monde

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Business Jazz – 8th August 2013 – Hitting the Pause Button

TOPICS: The podcast is put on hold.

All good things come to an end. Or at least have the Pause button pushed.

So it is with this podcast as well.

Producing a podcast takes time and energy. We knew that going in. However, our schedules have conspired against us and we find ourselves needing to focus our attentions elsewhere. For the moment, any road.

Will the podcast return? We can't say it won't, but we don't want to give false hope either.

For now, we'd just like to say "Thank you" to you for taking the time to listen to the podcast. We truly appreciate that you did. It means more to us than you can ever imagine. You star.

Jane, Mark, Paul and Roger

Friday, August 2, 2013

Business Jazz – 2nd August 2013 – Blending the Offline with the Online

TOPICS: How be genuinely attractive by not being online

Do you need to be online?


After all, we managed to survive without the internet for centuries. People were contented. Businesses succeeded.

In this episode, Jane and Roger talk about how we still need to be active offline to make our online work.

The video

Here is the video of the Google+ hangout recorded during the recording of the podcast episode:

First go:

Second go:

New rallying point

You are a big part of the story of this podcast. We'd like you to be an even bigger part of it. To help with that, and to help us have discussions about being genuinely attractive in business, we've established a LinkedIn group. Please knock on the door and we'll let you in.

Country tally

We're hoping to get a listener in every country in the world. The amazing, super, fantastic, wonderful Phil Sorrell has produced an interactive map for us. If you have a Twitter account, you'll be able to add yourself to the map. Hurry – maybe you can be the first in your country.

You can find the map here: Business Jazz Global Listener Map.

Listening to the podcast

You can listen to this week's podcast using the player at the top of the post or download it directly here: Business Jazz – 2nd August, 2013.

We're also in iTunes. We'd love it if you subscribed or left some feedback.

Business Jazz Players

This podcast is a collaboration of people dotted around the world. Most of us have never met each other. It's quite a story and it's still evolving. 
If you'd like to read what's happened so far, you'll find it here: Our Story.