Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Pre-Spring Garden

Nothing gets a gardener going like a walk through a garden in the weeks right before the official start of spring. This morning I went in the rain to the Urban Meadow to see what was beginning to peek up and though there was only one little early flower (slightly blurry photo below), everything looked very healthy and there are buds on all of the trees and bushes and tulip and daffodil leaves are poking out of the ground.

Our resident chickens seemed to be glad that it was a little warmer today and that it was not snowing and gave many hearty clucks when I went to say hello, and I got a photo of several eggs that have been laid in the last day or so. I am excited to get out in to the garden in a few weeks! See the post below about joining the Urban Meadow- our next Spring meeting is this coming Sunday, March 17, 3 pm at the House of Pizza and Calzone, 132 Union Street. -- Tamar, co-coordinator, Urban Meadow

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