Monday, April 11, 2011

Composting at the Meadow- New Project - Please Help Us Get it Started

Composting!  We love it, we're doing it at the Urban Meadow!

When we wrote a grant last year to Partnership for Parks to buy two composters for the Meadow and begin a household waste program we got part of the grant outright and then we got a chance to post our project on here to fundraise for the rest with one especially great feature - Partnership will give us a 1:1 match for money that we raise! They each cost just over $400 so that's how much we need to fulfill the project.
Composting allows us to recycle garden scraps and household waste and use the resulting compost for the Meadow's garden. We can reduce the waste we toss out from the Meadow and our homes, and use organic compost to enrich the soil at the Meadow.

Our plan is to pilot the household waste program with a group of 12 members of the Urban Meadow, and then expand to include all members by the fall.

Please consider donating on ioby to help the Meadow buy our composters so that we can get our program going - and remember that everything you give will be matched, so $15 becomes $30, and so forth. Thank you!

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