Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Red Hook Jazz Festival Day 1

Take some jazz, a friendly neighborhood Assemblywoman, music lovers and some rain and what do you get?  Good times on the first day of the Red Hook Jazz Festival on June 13th!  Gray skies were threatening all day and rain finally started around 3 PM but not before listeners got a good taste of three amazing bands - Dave Sewelson's BQE laid down some great bluesy jazz.  Sewelson himself is the quintessential blues man in his long beard and dark glasses - as you can see, some of our smallest fans bellied up to the stage to enjoy his music:

Next up was Nick Gianni's Evolution - who put the avant into avant garde jazz - loud, proud and beautiful music.  Nick Gianni played both the flute and an awesome baritone saxaphone.

And just before the rain started to fall, the Welf Dorr Quartet began and hung in there even when it became clear that the rain wasn't just going to pass over (darn!) - they were fantastic and we love them for staying until the end of their set.

Assemblywoman Joan Millman, who gave the Urban Meadow a grant this year, stopped by to say hello.


We're looking forward to Part 2 of the RHJF this weekend, Sunday, June 20th - Take Your Dad to a Jazz Show day in honor of Fathers Day - bring your pop and a picnic blanket.  The show will be from 1PM - 5PM - see the Red Hook Jazz Festival page for details on the line-up.  See you there!

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