Monday, May 3, 2010

Humans are still useful!

The Urban Meadow plant sale was a big success in more ways than one. Not only did it bring funds to the garden that we will invest in plants, supplies and equipment for gardening and to support our events, but it brought more people into the Meadow for recreation, picnics and fun.

While gardening over the weekend several volunteers worked hard in the Meadow pulling out mugwort, an invasive weed that more than one member has said sounds like a villain out of Harry Potter. We were talking about how therapeutic it is to get our hands into the garden as a respite from the day to day of living in the city. No matter how much technology moves ahead, will there ever be a machine or computer that can do the delicate job of weeding when the weeds are mixed in with lovely plants that we want to keep?  A machine can dig up a whole garden, sure. But can it reach in among the daisies to pull out the mugwort? No. And its comforting to know that this work can only be done by humans.

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