Monday, May 24, 2010

A square dance grows in Brooklyn

Skies were so gray and threatening all morning that we wondered whether Jalopy would want to set up their stage, but they were brave and risked the rain. And, for their efforts they, and we, were wonderfully rewarded with a beautiful show, a big audience, and a warm communal feeling - and THEN came the square dancing - tooooo much!

First up was performer Rashad Brown, who, with his cap and solo guitar harkened back to Woody Guthrie. 

Next came the Tumbleweeds straight out of New Orleans

Then they announced that the square dancing was about to start.  Would everyone be too cool to get up and dance??  No!  At it's height at least 100 dancers were swinging their partners as Dave Harvey from and great band called the tune.

It's not easy to take pictures of square dancing!  Everyone is moving so fast:

The day wrapped up with three more bands: Brotherhood of the Jug Band Blues, Stephen Strohmeier, and the East River String Band.

Thank you Jalopy and all the performers and everyone from the Meadow who helped out and thank you to everyone who came to see the show.

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